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Semi-Automated Coaxial Cable Stripping

When projects require coaxial cable stripping, precision and accuracy are of paramount importance. That’s why OEM uses semi-automated stripping machines for all projects requiring this step. Whether your job calls for single or multiple stage strips, our programmable machines allow us to meet the most stringent tolerances. We can offer a full range of cable stripping processes:

  • Single and multiple stage strips
  • Stripping coaxial cable, triaxial cable, multi-conductor cable, and single conductor wire.  
  • Wire and Cable processes including RG8, RG11, and RG213 types. 
  • From small to high volume production runs
  • Equipment that delivers a range of processes without having to change blades to deliver short cycle times
  • Repeatable results that assure consistently high quality

OEM facilities are certified ISO 9001. In keeping with our emphasis on professional results, our personnel are highly trained in the latest IPC standards and we incorporate ongoing testing and training to assure our employees maintain the highest possible level of job performance and craftsmanship.

ISO 9001 Certified

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