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Wire Harness Assembly

From small prototype projects thorough large volume assembly jobs, OEM produces a large range of wire harness assemblies in many different configurations to meet your exact requirements.

OEM has a variety of testing apparatus and processes to assure that wire harnesses are 100% defect-free. Our multiple testing processes uncover problems immediately so we can mitigate them before they damage equipment or interfere with meeting your critical deadline. With testing we can instantly find opens, shorts, intermittent connections and miswires. We also test for resistance thresholds and contact isolation to make sure you receive the highest quality results possible.

OEM facilities are certified ISO 9001. In keeping with our emphasis on professional results, our personnel are highly trained in the latest IPC standards and we incorporate ongoing testing and training to assure our employees maintain the highest possible level of job performance and craftsmanship.

ISO 9001 Certified

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