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Injection Molding & Potting

OEM offers both injection molding services and over-molding as required for your project.  When over-molding is indicated, OEM offers precision services that include using hot air drying machines to assure quality control of all materials involved and to avoid any problems that might occur from moisture retention. No matter how small or large your finished plastic product, OEM makes sure it is completed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We take particular care that materials are completed according to your precise specifications. 

Some plastic parts require potting, which involves sealing components with a plastic material or compound so that they are protected from moisture and short circuits and to prevent strain damage. The potting process can require a variety of compounds depending on the application. The machinery we use is capable of handling any fluids required for potting including silicone-based for high-voltage use or two-part epoxy for other applications.

OEM facilities are certified ISO 9001. In keeping with our emphasis on professional results, our personnel are highly trained in the latest IPC standards and we incorporate ongoing testing and training to assure our employees maintain the highest possible level of job performance and craftsmanship.

ISO 9001 Certified

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