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Electrical Engineering and Reverse Engineering Services

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is an important part of many projects and OEM offers a wide range of media to accurately execute your exact design requirements. We have the ability to model your product in three dimensions and produce it in any material you choose, from plastics to sheet metals. We offer creative and cost-effective solutions to your mechanical design needs including rapid prototyping services, should you want them. Our mechanical designs are done primarily using SolidWorks2000, which can be easily translated into AutoCAD as DWG or DXF files. Additionally, IGS files can be directly generated when prototyping of your product is necessary.

Electrical Engineering

OEM electrical design services cover the full range of electronic and packaging needs backed by our many years of experience providing results-oriented projects for our customers. Our focus is always on creating the most efficient and cost-effective designs, which is why we’ve been able to build a loyal customers base that includes the Navy, the Air Force and many well-know commercial customers.

OEM’s expert staff of electrical designers has a wealth of experience designing for a wide range of industries including communications, industrial, medical, and audio product manufacturing. Our highly skilled designers are committed to assuring that your project meets and exceeds your expectation. To assure success, OEM designers work only with state-of-the-art tools including CAD software tools for Schematic Capture, Programmable Logic (FPGA, CPLD), and Microcontroller Firmware products.

Reverse Engineering

OEM has complete reverse engineering services should you find yourself with no usable documentation to build your assembly or with a poorly engineered product needing re-engineering. Our engineering staff is often able to improve on the original design or provide cost-savings innovations. In each case, we provide you with usable schematics, drawings and BOMs so that your project can be precisely duplicated. Our reverse engineering services also prevent any future problems that could result from patent infringement.
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