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Automated Wire and Cable Processing

Our automated wire and cable processing capabilities mean we can give you the service and quality you need at the lowest possible cost. Our state-of-the-art equipment is fully automated to cut and strip wires and cables to your exact requirements.  With equipment from leading manufactures such a Tyco, Molex and Komax, you are assured the highest quality results possible.

Our wire and cable processing services can fulfill your requirements no matter how exacting. Whether your project requires crimping both ends of the wire, creating double crimp connections for multiple contacts, one-ended seal applications, ink-jet marking, or tinning, our machines provide fully integrated processing that eliminates mistakes and assures that your project meets your exact specifications. In addition, automated machinery delivers maximum quality control by monitoring every aspect of your project from crimp force, seal and splice monitoring to detecting wire end and knots and sorting for good or bad product.

Our crimping machines offer a range of capabilities that provide the entire range of twisting and tinning wire processes on wires lengths as small 2 to 25 mm. 

In addition, OEM’s experienced operators and quality control checks assure that defective or miswired cables are identified immediately, before mistakes can occur, causing wasted time and damaged equipment. Our graphic displays identify errors immediately and pinpoint their location so that even the smallest problem is dealt with, whether it is a short, an open, a faulty connection or a miswire.

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