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OEM offers a wide range of services to meet your project requirements. Our commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery are assured for every task, from concept and design to final assembly and delivery.

Printed Circuit Boards
We are PCB experts offering full-service electronic and design packaging, including design layout, fabrication and assembly. Our PCB services are guaranteed to meet your most stringent requirements. Learn more

Cable & Wire Harness
OEM offers cable assembly and wire harness processing customized to meet your needs. Our cable and wire harness assemblies are found in projects ranging from computers and medical devices to audio-visual and alarm products. Learn More

Conformal Coating
Our conformal coating services assure that your assembly products can withstand the parameters of any environment specified, including the harshest conditions of temperature and humidity. OEM offers a variety of coatings from which to choose based on your project requirements. Learn More

Electromechanical Assembly
OEM brings years of experience to our chassis assembly services, and no project is too complex for us to tackle. Whether it’s reengineering and documenting an obsolete device or providing turn-key “box to stock” production, OEM has expertise, skills and experience that are unrivalled in our industry. Learn More

Material Management
Our material management approach allows us to leverage our long-standing vendor relationship to maximize your purchasing power. OEM offers the delivery and inventory solutions that increase the production efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your project. Learn More

Metal and Plastic Fabrication
OEM offers full service metal amd plastic fabrication for a wide variety of industries and our experience in this area is second to none. We also provide premium quality plastic fabrication and injection molding services. Learn More

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