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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Why get just the printed circuit board assembly when you can outsource the production of the entire box build or panel assembly to a single vendor? OEM's experience in supply chain management gives us the ability to schedule the purchase of your materials from various vendors for the building of both the boards and the enclosures. You eliminate another step in the manufacturing process by having complete certified and tested boxes or panels shipped to you when you need them. Our material management program is aligned with your product delivery needs.

Few projects demand the expertise, range of skills and precision that is required by chassis assembly. These projects often require that we use all of our capabilities on one product. After many years of successfully completing a wide variety of complex projects, OEM stands as one of the most experienced and skilled vendors in this arena

OEM is poised to handle any requirements you may have, including the complete reengineering and documentation of obsolete devices. For example, we were asked to redesign a 25 year old device for the Navy’s portable mission programmer for Sikorsky Helicopters. This meant using current technology to meet strict mil-specs and produce a part that would function as well or better than the original. After our electrical and mechanical re-design was approved, we machined the box, built the interface cables, and assembled the boards. We were even able to streamline manufacturing and make the part more cost-effective. The new part is now shipped to governments all over the world.

One way OEM is able to increase efficiency on more complex projects is by having dedicated customer-specific cells for each final product assembly project we take on. This arrangement assures the optimal quality of each task while minimizing problems and assures that chassis, power supplies, cables and PCBs are integrated and assembled properly. In addition, tasks such as system configuration, functional testing, and burn-in services are also provided in these customer-specific cells. 

This service allows OEM to customize programs to suit your specific requirements across a broad range of project types, from simple board assembly to complete turnkey dock-to-stock programs.

Current product categories in our Electro Mechanical System Assembly or “box-build” portfolio include high tech medical electronics devices, classified military products, telecommunications devices, industrial products and parts and environmental products.

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