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PCB Design for Assembly (DFA)

Printed Circuit Board Design for Assembly (DFA) is is a crucial consideration for any company oursourcing  their  PCBs for design and manufacturing.  When done correctly, the benefits are significant including shortening the product cycle, minimizing your development costs and insuring a seamless transition into production from prototype stages. Unfortunately, many product engineering teams ignore the importance of high volume production factors such as fixtures, casting or extrusion, for example, in favor of speeding up the design and development cycles. Their goal seems to be to get the product into testing quickly and perform a proof of concept validation rather than focusing on the critical Design for Assembly stage.

Success Demands Careful Analysis
We believe the wise approach is to first thoroughly analyze the volume production factors of any PCB design for assembly project. This is primarily because the DFA considerations differ between prototype PCB assembly versus production PCB assembly. .   It’s important to consider that there are different design skills sets and equipment required for each stage. Failure to use the right approach can result in escalating costs associated with debugging the product or otherwise mitigating problems that could have been avoided with some careful pre-assembly analysis.  We understand that at PCB prototype stages, validating circuitry and board functionality are more important than the factors impacting the PCB production level such as testability and manufacturing guidelines, which are imperative to smooth and precise production assembly. Our knowledge, experience and expertise in dealing with all the factors that can impact the critical PCB Design for Assembly stages differentiate us from our competitors.

First Article Approval
First article approval is the critical initial step in insuring you have achieved the most effective PCB Design for Assembly possible. An approved first article PCB will answer any questions still pending and provide all the necessary information related to manufacturing, assembly and testing. It is the critical “proof of concept” before your PCB order goes into production. We provide first article approval on all projects from small volume, 10 to 50, to large projects requiring hundreds of thousands of units. First article not only insures the smooth transition into production volumes, it helps you meet key market requirements such as quality, reliability, product delivery, time-to-market and the vitally important time-to-revenue. 

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