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PCB / Circuit Board Assembly Services

Our highly skilled, in-house PCB assembly teams are there to insure that your project runs smoothly from prototype through production. We provide assembly services employing state-of-the-art equipment including high-speed pick and place machines, multi-zone reflow ovens and Electrovert dual wave/chip solder machines. However our dedicated staff is the essence of our operation and we believe it’s the people on the assembly floor who really make a difference. We put your assembly project into the reliable hands of our talented and dedicated group of assembly professionals. Our staff of Program Managers, Process Engineers, Floor Leads, QC Personnel, Kit Auditors, Prototype Technicians and Touch-up Technicians is among the most skilled and experienced in the industry.


As part of our initiative to provide leading-edge PCB solutions, we are committed to insuring a lead-free assembly environment. In keeping with this strategy we make sure our assembly personnel are fully trained and we only work with resources that offer lead-free assembly capabilities.

In addition, we have developed partnerships that can insure the reliability of our lead-free status. This will benefit all of our clients, particularly those in the semiconductor, military, aerospace and medical industries as they strive to fulfill lead-free RoHS compliance.

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