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PCB Design Layout

OEM’s skilled engineers have years of experience and expertise in printed circuit board design layout, making them the ideal choice for your PCB project. Our professionals carefully analyze your requirements so we can deliver the best solution possible. We can deliver a wide variety of design layout types including multi-layer boards, analog and digital, differential pairs, controlled impedance and ultra high-speed designs and more. Our clients run the gamut from start-ups wanting a design prototype to established organizations needing a multi-layered circuit board, so whatever your requirements, our skilled and experienced staff stands ready to assist you – all it takes is one phone call.

We Specialize in Complex Designs and Critical Deadlines
Over the years we’ve successfully produced many complex PCB designs requiring short turnarounds and even the toughest designs are no problem for our expert design team. Whether your design requires 25 pins or 25,000+ pins we’ve never met a design requirement we can’t handle.

We are also experts in time-critical requirements and are able to schedule round-the-clock design teams to insure your deadlines are met. Many customers have come to us with urgent requests and we’ve been able to meet their requirements even with the most complex PCB designs and pressing deadlines.

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